Antwerp, Stylish to a Fault

Whether you’re in the central train station or MAS, the remarkable town museum, it’s impossible not to find the architecture attractive. It ranges from medieval buildings like the impressive town hall and square, to the contemporary courthouse, to numerous Art Nouveau gems in between.

Drivery picks you up at your hotel or B&B and takes you directly to the heart of the city of Antwerp.  Free choice of time of departure and return. 

Antwerp is the largest city in Flanders. It has more diamonds shining in the shops than any other place in the world. The shops in Antwerp almost look like museums. You—almost literally—find a start-up around every corner.

  • Free choice of time of departure and return
  • You pay a fixed price per car, regardless of the number of passengers
  • Travel in comfort from door to door without losing time
  • Journey time Bruges > Antwerp: approximately 70 minutes depending on traffic